network bonding

to check the status of interfaces within a bond


Shows the total number of interfaces in a bond, by default this parameter is set to Alarm if there are less than two such interfaces.


This parameter indicates whether this interface is active. Normally there should be one interface with this value at one (the active slave), and all the rest should have this parameter at value zero within a bond.


Because the information on the number of failures on a link is stored in the /proc/net/bonding/bondx and the count is never decreased, the data can be become out of date, so this parameter shows what increase that there has been in the number of errors in the last polling cycle


This parameter indicates the speed of the interface, this parameter is to alarm by default if the speed is below 999 Mbits per second or below.


This parameter is set to go WARN if this interface is not available

I am trying to find if there is any script available to get the above details