How to Update Agent via API (Invoke-SwisVerb)?


Does anyone know how to use the API to initiate an update of the Orion Agent?  It looks like I need to provide 'SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Contract.Models.AgentRecord' data plus a boolean (I assume true/false), but I'm not sure how to construct the AgentRecord.

I'm trying to do it via PowerShell, i.e.:

$agent = #details from 'SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Contract.Models.AgentRecord'
$updateRemoteSettings = $true
Invoke-SwisVerb -SwisConnection $swis -EntityName Orion.AgentManagement.Agent -Verb UpdateAgent -Arguments @($agent, $updateRemoteSettings)

It looks like I need to add a LOT of data to that xml string.  Is there a better way?

(sorry for code context, PowerShell not an option in code block)

  • Hi, did you ever get this to work? I am also looking to initiate agent updates via PowerShell 

  • When I look at the Orion.AgentManagement.Agent.UpdateAgent function within the SWQL Studio, it has two parameters:

    • agent [SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Contract.Models.AgentRecord]
    • updateRemoteSettings [boolean]

    if I copy out that sample XML block and reformat it, I get:

    <Agent xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
    	<AgentVersion xmlns:d2p1="">
    	<NodeId i:nil="true"/>

    I'm not sure if you need all of the fields in the XML or just a few, but I'm going to do some quick testing with various degrees of completeness.  Stay tuned.

  • Wow - I overthought that way too much.  You can use the ApproveUpdate verb instead.

    # Get a list of Agents in Need of updates
    # Swap in the name/IP of your Orion server here
    $SwisHost = "kmsorion01v.kmsigma.local"
    if ( -not ( $SwisConnection ) ) {
        $SwisCreds = Get-Credential -Message "Enter Orion credentials to connect to '$SwisHost'"
        $SwisConnection = Connect-Swis -Hostname $SwisHost -Credential $SwisCreds
    # For the query, all we need is the AgentId and AgentStatusMessage (or AgentStatus [numerical]), but we pull the rest to make output prettier
    $AgentQuery = @"
    SELECT [Agent].AgentId
         , [Agent].Name
         , [Agent].DNSName
         , [Agent].IP
         , [Agent].AgentStatusMessage
    FROM Orion.AgentManagement.Agent AS [Agent]
    -- ** Optionally, you can just remove the double-dash below to only process those agents with say they need an update
    --WHERE [Agent].AgentStatusMessage = 'Update available'
    # Retrieve the list from the Orion Server
    $AgentsNeedingUpdate = Get-SwisData -SwisConnection $SwisConnection -Query $AgentQuery
    # Cycle through each agent
    ForEach ( $Agent in $AgentsNeedingUpdate ) {
        # if the agent shows that it needs an update then...
        if ( $Agent.AgentStatusMessage -eq 'Update available' ) {
            # call the verb
            $Results = Invoke-SwisVerb -SwisConnection $SwisConnection -EntityName "Orion.AgentManagement.Agent" -Verb "ApproveUpdate" -Arguments $Agent.AgentId
            # Check to see if it ran clean (no output)
            if ( $Results.nil ) {
                Write-Host "Agent for $( $Agent.Name ) [$( $Agent.DNSName ) / $( $Agent.IP ) is updating." -ForegroundColor Green
            else {
                Write-Error -Message "Error detected in sending agent update request"
        else {
            # This particular agent doesn't need an update or is offline or something
            Write-Warning -Message "Agent for $( $Agent.Name ) [$( $Agent.DNSName ) / $( $Agent.IP ) has a current status of: $( $Agent.AgentStatusMessage )"

  • Added another bit to check if plugins also needed to be updated.  (Can just be added to the bottom of the above script)

    # Now let's see if there are any plugins that require updating
    $PluginQuery = @"
    SELECT [Agent].AgentId
         , [Agent].Name
         , [Agent].DNSName
         , [Agent].IP
         , [Agent].Plugins.PluginId
         , [Agent].Plugins.Version AS [PluginVersion]
    FROM Orion.AgentManagement.Agent AS [Agent]
    WHERE [Agent].AgentStatusMessage = 'Plug-in update required'
    # Get the List
    $PluginsToUpdate = Get-SwisData -SwisConnection $SwisConnection -Query $PluginQuery
    # Cycle through the list
    ForEach ( $Agent in $PluginsToUpdate ) {
        # Invoke the DeployPlugin verb with the AgentId and the PluginId
        # Note: if you use the "RedeployPlugin" verb it doesn't update, just sends out the current version again
        $PluginResults = Invoke-SwisVerb -SwisConnection $SwisConnection -EntityName "Orion.AgentManagement.Agent" -Verb "DeployPlugin" @( $Agent.AgentId, $Agent.PluginId )
        if ( $PluginResults.nil ) {
            Write-Host "Plugin '$( $Agent.PluginId )' for $( $Agent.Name ) [$( $Agent.DNSName ) / $( $Agent.IP ) is updating from '$( $Agent.PluginVersion )'" -ForegroundColor Green
        } else {
            Write-Error -Message "Unable to request '$( $Agent.PluginId )' update on $( $Agent.Name )"

  • Many thanks for this! I will give the script a try

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