User initiated actions

Ok so I'm not a developer but I'm curious if this is something that is possible and if it is I will engage resources to potentially develop.

I know it is fully possible to automate actions within solarwinds based off of an alert.  What I am looking to do however is have an action scripted but the user has to initiate.

So I'm looking for some way to develop a page that shows my alerts but give my NOC employees a button with a custom action for that particular alert.  It may range from restarting a service to executing a script to potentially generating a ticket within our ticketing system (I'm fully aware other integration will have to occur for the ticketing part)

So basically.

Alert Triggers

NOC employee views alert from within Solarwinds

Page presents a set of preconfigured actions buttons.

User can then execute those actions if required.


I don't want things fully automated so thats why I'm looking at the SDK route.  

Thanks in advance.