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Verb "ScheduleListResources" only works for few hours after agent installation

The powershell verb "Orion.Nodes/ScheduleListResources" to list ressources for an agent does not always work

1- ScheduleListResources to obtain a taskid
2- GetScheduledListResourcesStatus on this taskid : will stay in 'unknown" forever

It only works a few hours after the installation of the agent, but after that, it will never works.

PS E:\Local\Solarwinds> $result = Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "orion.nodes" "ScheduleListResources" 3178
PS E:\Local\Solarwinds> $result
xmlns #text
----- ----- 34211f82-563a-4f0d-8...

PS E:\Local\Solarwinds> Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "orion.nodes" "GetScheduledListResourcesStatus" @($result.'#text', 3178)
xmlns #text
----- ----- Unknown

I have tested and reproduced this problem for month and on thousands of agents (4500)

Maybe it's a plugin or update or something else which arrive and block the good execution of "ScheduleListResources"

I need to rediscover resources for ~500 agents, and it does not work. Solarwinds "support" does not support this

  • I have found another solution, as this verb does not work (and solarwinds support does not want to help on sdk)

    I have created a custom properties boolean "discovered" on nodes, "true" when at least 1 volume/interface exist, "false" if not.
    Then I have created 12 scheduled discovery tasks for agents (one by poller), filtered on discovered = false ; launched each hour 

    A another scheduled powershell script change discovered from false to true on each node with 1 volume/interface discovered

  • no more movement from support on this? i'm trying to move off of wmi and change all my existing wmi hosts to's going to take forever doing it manually.

    do you have a code snippet on how you do a discovery of an agent where discovered=false?