SWQL Studio Authentication with SAML

Hello Solarwinds Gurus and all!

I'm curious if it's possible to log into Orion via SWQL Studio with SAML login. It's a tool I use fairly often, and we're looking to migrate from Windows Auth to SAML Auth (and our SAML provider has a 2-factor authentication.) I don't see a Server Type that would be appropriate.

This isn't a deal breaker, as I am an admin in Orion, and can just make a local account for use with SWQL Studio after we migrate, but I wanted to inquire first.

2020-07-17 18_37_15-SWQL Studio.png

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  •  SAML is not a currently supported authentication mechanism for the SDK, it's strictly for auth to the web console at the moment. So even for scripts to run against SWIS you'd need to have a separate…