2019.4 - Automate List Resources

So we were looking for a way to automate list resources in our environment through PowerShell.  We have a couple different projects going on that would benefit from this functionality.  I found the article below, which was recently updated and included some directions on how to accomplish this.

List resources/volumes for agent managed nodes via SWIS API (Powershell)

mvalentovic​ referenced a different article that provided the syntax on how to Success Center accomplish just that.

So with that said.  Anyone have thoughts on:

Is there a way to exclude certain items when doing the import result (for example scheduled tasks or network interfaces)?

     If we are unable to exclude, is there a PowerShell/SDK route to remove those items from a particular node? (For example, would be removing Optical Drive)

Is there a way to specify polling method (Agent or ICMP, SNMP or ICMP, etc...) via this approach?

Finally, has anyone had success with this running on SNMPv2 nodes?  I tend to receive an error:

     "One of the known types provided to the serializer via 'knownTypes' argument was invalid because it was null.  All known types specified must be non-null values.