Preferred 'Field' names.

The Orion SDK Schema documentation is not very descriptive when it comes to identifying the fields we want to extract information from.  Would it be possible to generate that documentation with a little more descriptive detail?

Specifically, we are pulling a list of devices from the Orion.Nodes object, but there seem to be 3 IP address 'fields', and 3 'NodeName' fields.  I have a few questions.

1) Preferred vs. Duplicate 'NodeName' fields.

2) Preferred vs. Duplicate 'IP Address' fields.

3) Is there a free form 'Caption' or 'Description' that is NOT a duplicate of 'NodeName' and would NOT be used for DNS lookup in the case of a Dynamically Addressed node?  Or, do we need to add a custom node property for this kind of information?

  • I agree that the schema doc is not very descriptive. Unfortunately, we don't have the extra information written yet, so it wouldn't just be a matter of automatically generating it.

    1. DisplayName is the preferred property. Caption and NodeName are aliases for backwards compatibility.

    2. IPAddress is the preferred property. IP and IP_Address are backwards compatibility aliases.

    3. You can edit a node's DisplayName/Caption freely. Once the node is in the system, the DNS field is used for lookups.

  • Tim,

    Can you clarify how the DNS field gets populated, and if it can be changed afterward?  In general, all I see in the UI is 'Name', 'IP Address', and the 'Dynamic IP Address' check box.  ... And the Name, and IP Addresses are the same field when adding a node.

    Are you saying in #3 that once the noded is added with a DNS name, that then all the fields can be changed afterward, and the DNS field becomes static?

    I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the data.




  • Now that you mention it, I don't know of a way to edit the DNS name of a dynamic IP node after it's been added. I guess you could edit in the database directly if you need to. Or just delete the node with the old DNS address and add a new one with the new DNS.