Create a alert in SolarWinds usind Orion_Python_Client_SDK

Can someone suggest how do we write an script for creating an alert in solarwinds or any samples using python sdk.

Tried something to create but didn't work

swis = SwisClient(npm_server, username, password)
print("Add an alert:")
props = {
   'AlertID': 55,   'Name':'Alert me when an application goes up',   'Description':'This alert will write to the event log when an application goes up and when an application comes back down.',   # 'AlertRefID':'26e********-f4047251b6ba'   'Frequency':1,   'Uri':'swis://EC2./Orion/Orion.AlertConfigurations/AlertID=55'}
print("Adding alert {}... ".format(props['AlertID']), end="")
results = swis.create('Orion.Alerts', **props)

Thanks in advance.