Error .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ImportListResourcesResult

Hello everybody,

I am trying to get a node's resource list using the REST api with http calls. I can launch the job and check its status. But when making the request Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ImportListResourcesResult I'm always getting the error:

     One of the known types provided to the serializer via 'knownTypes' argument was invalid because it was null. All known types specified must be non-null values.

Probably because I am a bit new to Solarwinds I have no clue what the error is referring to.

What I do:

    1. Post a request to .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ScheduleListResources with body { "nodeId": 6 }. A job id is returned. For example "05fd1a93-e069-4a96-a3ad-d82e6affc4a4".
    2. Post requests to .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/GetScheduledListResourcesStatus with body { "nodeId": 6 , jobId: "05fd1a93-e069-4a96-a3ad-d82e6affc4a4" } until the result is "ReadyForImport".
    3. Post a request to .../Invoke/Orion.Nodes/ImportListResourcesResult with body { "nodeId": 6 , jobId: "05fd1a93-e069-4a96-a3ad-d82e6affc4a4" }. This always returns the aforementioned error.

There seems to be a timeout for importing the resource list, but I am pretty certain I'm doing the import request within seconds once the status became ReadyForImport.

Am I missing something in the import request ? Or maybe Solarwinds is incorrectly configured ?

Many thanks for helping a struggling SW newbee ! :-)

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  • Hmm...  I tested this out on a local Orion VM, and after kicking off ImportListResources on node via SWQL Studio, I was able to invoke GetScheduledListResources with a ReadyForImport response:

    ... and I was able to ImportListResourcesResults with a true response instead of an error.

    Does this behavior occur regardless of which node ID you use?  Do you see any errors in the log files near the timestamp of when you perform the ImportListResources?