UDT bulk MACs against connected nodes/ports

Hi All

We can use device tracker to query a single MAC address and receive the endpoint switch and port (with caveats) however is there a way to give Solarwinds a list of MAC addresses and receive list of where the MACs are connected?

Its unavailable in the WebGUI, so I am wondering if this can be performed in a report or perhaps using the API?

Has anyone done this before?

Thank you,


  • I've looked though SWQL Studio at the suggestions and really it's not easy to figure out without a great deal of work in SWQL whether you go the report or the API path.

    In simple terms, I want to just provide a CSV of multiple MAC addresses and have SolarWinds UDT return the connected Switch/Node and port/interface.

    As I said in my original post, we can do it with one entry, it will just become infinitely more useful if we can ask for more than one at a time.

    I guess I'll put it in as a feature request.

    Thanks all for your help so far,


  • Isn't there an out of the box report with connected MAC addresses and IPs?  (I may be thinking of a different report).

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