List resources/volumes for agent managed nodes via SWIS API (Powershell)

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I work in an business which is too locked down for WMI, thus we use agents for virtually everything. I'm working on automating the node creation, agent install, volume and interface discovery and editing of the custom properties.

While creating a short script to edit the custom properties for Volume Threshold monitoring, I realised I needed to get the node to discover the volumes in the first place (working backwards is a terrible idea) for me to actually edit the custom properties for said volumes. This is where my problem started.

I cant seem to figure out a way of initiating the "List Resources" through the API. This has been asked many times before, I am well aware, but no working answers have been presented for an agent based platform. There's a verb to list the interfaces, and add them, but seemingly volumes are impossible via anything other than SNMP using the Network Discovery tool.

Unless there is a way of automating the process of adding the node as SNMP, discovering the volumes using the Discovery Tool, and then installing the agent and using the API to change all the monitoring over to agent?

I'm looking for any option here, Invoke, CRUD, Rest, preferably using Powershell but if you have accomplished it in another language, post your code anyway and I'll figure it out emoticons_grin.png

PS - I work almost exclusively with SAM, so servers etc. I can't use solutions that only work with NPM.

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  • Hi,

    About a month later have you any information to share about adding resources to server monitored with an agent ?

    It seems that the agent API is not developped as much as the SNMP or WMI.


  • tdanner

    This raises a point I never noticed, none of the examples for the $CorePluginConfiguration that can find include whatever the syntax needs to be to check the box for rediscovering agents.  I've got examples for bulklist and subnets, but also no references for how you guys would need a request to look for AD groups, or for a router based discovery.

    Any chance you could get someone to dig up some sample code for those other scenarios?

  • Unfortunately there is no SWIS API equivalent for that "rediscover agents" checkbox. I have added a link to this thread to the internal case (DC-1537) to serve as a vote and a reminder to reply in this thread when this gets implemented and released.

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