SWQL Works on App Server but NOT in Modern Dashboards

Hi all - I can run the SWQL query (below) fine in SWQL Studio. However, when I run this code as a test in modern dashboarding, I get an error regarding the the custom property I am trying to pull (AlertGroup).

The modern dashboard wizard will fail the test and return "Provided SWQL query is not valid. Details: RunQuery failed, check fault information. Cannot resolve property AlertGroup". 

Why can I pull the custom property fine from SWQL Studio, but not from the modern dashboard configuration/test??

SELECT n.nodeid,
       n.caption    AS Node,
       n.detailsurl AS [_LinkFor_Node Name],
       a.id         AS ApplicationID,
       a.NAME       AS [Application],
       a.detailsurl AS [_LinkFor_Application Name],
       c.id         AS ComponentId,
       c.NAME       AS Component,
       c.detailsurl AS [_LinkFor_Component Name],
       cts.value    AS TemplateCredId,
       cs.value     AS [OverridenCredId],
       cred.NAME    AS Credential
FROM   orion.apm.component c
       INNER JOIN orion.apm.application a
               ON c.applicationid = a.id
       INNER JOIN orion.nodes n
               ON a.nodeid = n.nodeid
       LEFT JOIN orion.apm.componentsetting cs
              ON cs.componentid = c.componentid
                 AND cs.[key] = '__CredentialSetId'
       LEFT JOIN orion.apm.componenttemplate ct
              ON ct.id = c.templateid
       LEFT JOIN orion.apm.componenttemplatesetting cts
              ON cts.componenttemplateid = ct.id
                 AND cts.[key] = '__CredentialSetId'
       LEFT JOIN orion.credential cred
              ON cred.id = Isnull(cs.value, cts.value)