Migrating Orion from AWS to Azure

Hello Thwack Community!  First time poster, long-timer lurker.

My organization has a relatively simple Orion install in AWS: Single Windows 2019 Enterprise Server, leveraging AWS RDS for the database.  We are considering moving from AWS to Azure and I have some high-level questions about the approach.

1) We are running an outdated version of code.  Is it better to upgrade first then migrate, or should we migrate then upgrade?

I can imagine benefits and caveats to each approach.  Leaning towards migrate first, and provision the new server VM with any additional resources (Cpu, Memory, disk) that the current recommended version of SW Orion platform needs.

2) Any gotchas relating to the VM Migration?

I understand these are not perfectly transferable, however Microsoft has published an article describing how this is done (linked below).  Has anyone actually done this that can provide some learnings or recommendations?


3) Same question as above, but for the Database.

Current database reports as MS-SQL Server 2017, therefore I'm assuming we'd go to a newer MS-SQL server version .  The following link implies this is relatively straight-forward.


We also have a SW support contract.  If this question is better directed at SW support, we can try there


  • I would take a copy of the database, place the copy into Azure and then spin up a new Windows server in Azure and run the installer. When you get the the database portion simply attach to the existing database you copied over. Any reports, alerts, etc that you have set up should now also appear in Azure. Once everything is running you will need to transfer your licenses over to the new environment. 

    I think I would upgrade afterwards, just my thought.