Updating Orion SSL Web Cert

Hello Thwack Community - 

I'm currently trying to send daily reports with an HTML table embedded in the e-mail. However, I am unable to because I receive an “HTML type” error in the e-mail. SolarWinds/Orion is trying to pull in an HTML report into the body of this e-mail but can’t. After some research, it appears this can happen when SolarWinds SSL Cert doesn’t match the server name or is self-signed (our cert is self-signed). 

As a workaround, I'm currently attaching reports as PDFs docs, which isn't desirable. We want the HTML tables INSIDE the email and we're kind of surprised we have to re-issue an SSL cert just to do this when we can literally do everything else with our web cert config. 

So - this leads me to my question: Does anyone have latest operational documentation around updating the SSL Web Cert for Orion please? 

Thank you in advance - any insight/wisdom is greatly appreciated, as always! 



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