How to get an Event-Icon to a modern Dashboard?

Hi, i'm pretty new to Orion and I try to take an EventList from a classic view to a modern dashboard. On the classic view there are Icons for the Events(EventType):

But when I try to get this list on a modern dashboard, I'm not able to get this Icon. I got the eventtype, I tried to generate the URL and even the img-Tag:

'' as n,
'/netperfmon/images/event-' + tostring(e.EventType)  + '.gif' AS [_IconFor_n],
'<img src="/netperfmon/images/event-' + tostring(e.EventType)  + '.gif">' AS [_IconFor_n2],
et.Name, et.Icon AS Gif, ToLower (Gif) as LowString, et.BackColor , ToLocal(e.EventTime) as EventTime, e.EventType, e.Message, n.DetailsUrl, n.Caption, n.Status, concat(Gif,'.gif') as Gif2
FROM Orion.Events AS e
INNER JOIN Orion.EventTypes AS et ON et.EventType = e.EventType AND et.InstanceSiteId = e.InstanceSiteId
INNER JOIN orion.nodes as n ON e.NetObjectID = n.NodeiD
INNER JOIN orion.nodescustomproperties as cp ON e.NetObjectID = cp.NodeID
WHERE NetObjectType = 'N' AND e.Eventtime >= ADDHOUR(-24,GETUTCDATE())