Widgets added to a custom group being replicated to all groups

Hi guys,

I have built a custom ucs server group. However inside that group if i add a custom map and tailored widgets for that group only They are added to all groups views.

So i end up with all our groups on the main page, if clicked on, having that map and other widgets,

for example, imaging above that was my custom UCS server group and those two widgets on the right were the map and a custom widget.

If i were to then click on any of these main groups:

I would see those widgets in every one of these if i clicked into them.

Any ideas please on how to make the widgets and maps i add to that  UCS group, to stay applied to that group only?

thanks ever so much.!

  • The views are used for all things. For example the "node details view" are the same for all nodes. The "Group Details" view are the same view for all groups. 

    For nodes and applications there are a way of creating specific "node details views" per node type but for groups there are no such function. You will have to create a brand new view that shows what info you like for that specific group and link to that view.

  • Thanks seashore for your response.

    That's annoying. I really don't want to see our UCS server maps and widgets in our cisco switch groups. Shame there is no way to do individual group views.

    So to create a new view would that be under all settings and manage views and create there with it's own specific name related to that UCS server group?. How would i link as well?

    thanks again for your time

  • Yes you can create a new view there (all settings/manage views) or on the All settings menu you might have "Manage dashboards". Goes to the same place.

    Links can be done in many ways. You can add menu items (all settings/customize menu bars), add a "use links" widget to any other view, add a "custom html" widget and add a link there. There are probably more ways to do it also. 

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