How to Monitor Power Consumption for PDUs?

We are using Server Technology Inc. Switched Pro 2 PDUs. We are trying to have Solar Winds poll information regarding the power consumption for PDUs by plug or by timely intervals. If there's also a way to control that, that;d be great as well.

I have checked out enabling EnergyWise when trying to manage the PDU nodes, but I am met with an error saying the devices are not capable for EnergyWise configuration. 

Is there any Thwack community pollers or any local ones I've missed, or any other suggestions on how to either view/control power consumption data and/or configure a power poller option to monitor such data?

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  • Thanks Tony, that was a really good idea and direction. Unfortunately, we are running Sentry4 while the OID mentioned is Sentry3 and is unsupported and the test failed when creating the UNDP. 

    Even though there is nothing on for Sentry4, SW has OIDS in the UNDP, and I'm looking for something similar within this tree. 

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