SWQL to find alerts sending emails and to whom

So, I had created rules in outlook that caught the alerts coming from Solarwinds.  I have to give a report to upper management of the alerts to each team, Communicaitons, cyber, desktop, infrastructure, and ops...  (these are the folders that used to catch the rules'...

A couple weeks ago, it all stopped working except to infrastructure... it is still working.  The others have stopped..

I have turned off the rules in outlook, but i am still not getting emails.

How can i query in swql to see this information?

To: ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.Notification_Group_Required} <br/>From: ${DefaultEmailFrom}<br/>Subject: Application "${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationName}" on ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption} is currently ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationAvailability}<br/>CC: ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.Notification_Users_Optional}
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