SolarWinds Upgrade

I'm planning for the upgrade. but one of the step to prepare the upgrade is to backup any custom code. how to know / find any custom configuration file or code to backup it before the upgrade ? 

  • It is unlikely you will have any, as if you did you would a. know about it and b. have documentation in place to cope with restoring after an upgrade.

    Custom code refers to custom website files that may exist in the C:\Inetpub\SolarWinds folders, as during an upgrade these will often be removed.

  • Thank you m_reberts for your answer.

    please I have another question. Now it seems that the current version for all modules is 2020.2.6
    and from My Orion Deployment>Updates and Evaluation I can see:

    1 Product updates available : "ORIONPLATFORM 2020.2.6 HF4".
    2 Patches or hotfixes Available: "ORIONPLATFORM 2020.2.6 HF4 and SAM 2020.2.6 HF4".

    So in that case to update the above it will be the same septs as the upgrade or installing the hotfixes will be simple ?

  • @MohamedAbdelrazik its same as upgrade, hotfix is no different than a version upgrade.

    Steps to implement a hotfix is similar to what we do during upgrade.

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