How to get a list of monitored services

My senior asked me build a dashboard for servers that have a specific app since I am new to solarWinds.

I'm having an issue making a custom table with the server that have the specific app and getting all the services monitored on each of those servers.

So far i added a custom table  reporting on node where the AppName is = to the app service which does pull up the servers that have that app.

My table layout so far has 2 column one as the server name and the other as Service but services are not populating.

  • So there are many ways to get this done. On the older dashboard, there are some filters you can add to scope the built in widgets. I used to use a group to hold the servers and applications based on the name of the template a lot. With modern dashboards I find that making SWQL that is filtered makes the most sense for each widget.  

    A query like the one below might help in either case. I like to find stuff in SWQL Studio from 

         N.Caption as [Server],
         N.Status as [Node Status], 
         N.DetailsUrl as [Node URL],
         N.Applications.Name as [Application],
         N.Applications.Status as [Application Status],
         N.Applications.DetailsUrl as [Application URL],
         N.Applications.Components.DisplayName as  [Service],
         N.Applications.Components.Status as [Service Status],
         N.Applications.Components.DetailsUrl as [Service URL]
    FROM Orion.Nodes n 
    where N.Applications.Name like '%Orion%' and N.Applications.Components.ComponentType like 9

    Using SWQL won't feel simple at first but its worth learning, it gets way more out of Orion. Not knowing who will read this, some of it is just formatting to make it easier to read. The column are renamed with the as [label]. We select what we want with the where, componenttype = 9 grabs only windows services. 

    I toss that SWQL into a widget table on a modern dash, then set up 4 columns, Server, IP, Application, and Service. I leave IP alone, and the other three I format as an Orion Entity with Status for the icon. I match the Label, URL and Status to the matching columns in the query. 

    That gives me something like this:

    Let me know what specific things you want to get on that dash if you need help. 

  • This helped, used it to show service status for the Active Directory application in a table on a Modern Dashboard. 

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