custom query for fetching active alerts

 I am trying to query the below parameters (Active Alarms , relevant Node details , its Severity and Region etc.) ...From the documentation active alerts can be fetched from this details 

[Orion.AlertActive ] 

in the above table , i am not able to query relevant node details , severity ,, can some one help me which this creating custom query fetch these properties [Active alerts , respective node id , alert severity , and region ]

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  • Dear Christopher , 

    Using this query (generated from SWQL studio) , able to fetch active alerts in the system , 

    SELECT TOP 1000 AlertActiveID, AlertObjectID, Acknowledged, AcknowledgedBy, AcknowledgedDateTime, AcknowledgedNote, TriggeredDateTime, TriggeredMessage, NumberOfNotes, LastExecutedEscalationLevel FROM Orion.AlertActive
    i would like to get few more parameters along with this data (like alert severtity , node details (where alert popping ) , can you please help me with the custom query to fetch the active alerts along with alert severity and node details ..