Yall got a influx of spam bots on this forum. Anyone working on the problem?

Doesnt take long looking at recent posts to find an example, I dont recall this level of spam in the last few years.

  • mark them as abusive. It provides notification to the Thwack_admins.  

  • I'm glad other people are looking out for this.
    +1 for reporting and bringing awareness to it. 
    Here's an example of a thread that I keep getting notifications from, mostly bots spamming links for pages (for SEO or click farming maybe?)

    Black bar over spam account names just so I don't break any community rules. 

  • I really dislike the lack of power in reporting abuse/spam/etc to the admins as you can't specify what the issue is. It's abuse or nothing.

    As an aside, I today got a comment of mine (from March 1st) flagged as abuse and I received a "please tell us why you challenge this" message. Only I don't recall what I typed 28 days ago and the message is hidden - so I asked for a copy so I could respond intelligently. Instead I get a "your challenge was accepted" which now links to the previously flagged message.

    That message:

    At best it could have been considered as off topic, but it was a direct response to a direct question and ultimately it also got upvoted by the THWACKster asking.

  • I think that's a very valid critique of the community platform. I hope they're able to correct it so that you can intelligently respond to the report. 

    Though without peeking behind the curtain, I wonder if any intelligent response to the spam prompt is enough to validate you as not spamming the platform. I see tons of 'add nothing' comments that are linking to other unrelated services offsite.