Hosted a multiple Solarwinds products at same VM

Hi Dears

I going to install a different solarwinds products such as NPM, NTA, UDT,NTM and Kiwi Syslog Server. It is my first experience with solarwinds.

 My size of monitored environment is small, so the question is do i need a separate Physical or virtual servers for everyone or we can install all that on a same server or same machine.

I have checked their hardware requirements separately but confuse in this matter. How much i can make them combine?

Please advise from your own experience

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  • Hi bro . Hope you are doing well 

    as i mentioned this is my first experience, i read that the SolarWinds NPM license is based on a number of items to monitor.

    so the SL250 is Up to 250 nodes, 250 interfaces, and 250 volumes (750 elements in total). My question is , is it flexible to add and delete nodes as long as you dont reach to the maximum limit or just your license will count every single nodes and you cant delete or switch between nodes.

    I am really appreciate your help here