What is the intended access level for the manage custom properties page?

Error message states that a webpage requires administrative rights, but it only requires node management rights.

Steps to reproduce,

1)create and login with an account with node management rights, but not administrative rights.
2)navigate to https://myorionsite.domain.org/Orion/Admin/CPE/Default.aspx
3)now, logout and edit the account to remove node management rights.
4)log back in and go to https://myorionsite.domain.org/Orion/Admin/CPE/Default.aspx once again. I got the following message.

I would like to know the expected behavior of this page. If possible, I would like to block it to all users that do not have admin rights (and in my opinion this should be the correct behavior, since changing custom properties can have a large impact on the system).

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