Modern Dashboard - Sizing Widgets

I'm playing with modern dashboards for the first time - as I finally have a bit of breathing space to play. So I've long wanted to create a Top 10 specific to each client, but I hadn't been able to work out how in the old approach. 

So my first foray into MD is to do just that, and so far so good except a little sizing issue.

So I've created a Top 10 widget via hand built SWQL and it lists my max response times nicely but it defaults to only showing the first 8 - a la:

which has a nice little scroll bar. But if I then drag it out to show the entire 10 it gives me a sizeable blank area - a la 

And no matter what I do, I can't get the box just to stop after the 10... anyway of stopping this?

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  • The new dashboard system is built atop an invisible grid. What you appear to be seeing is that the space between the grid is either too small or too large for the data you're wanting to display. Unfortunately, the grid is not configurable at this time. Your best option at this time likely would be to do a Top 15, or whatever number fills all usable space within the widget without causing a scroll bar to appear.