Advance Configuration - EnableHtmlLinkSanitization Question

I have been looking into Advance Configuration (<server>/Orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx) on the Orion Platform and noticed an option for EnableHtmlLinkSanitization (Enable sanitization for links inside HTML tags. If enabled only links to supported hostnames are allowed).

I am wondering how this setting sanitizes links as I was still able to access links that redirect outside the server like I have tried custom tables using the following SWQL query as the datasource with HTML Tags enabled for the columns:

SELECT TOP 10 Caption,  '<a href="'">">Google</a>' as Google
FROM Orion.Nodes)

I have also tried creating Custom HTML and inputting '<a href="'">">Google</a>' in the field, but it still redirects me to access to

Maybe I am using this option wrong or I misinterpreted its functionality, but I would like some insight to understand what the option does and how it operates.