Why enormous size HTML reports is not a problem?

I use scheduled HTML reports to get some summaries every day.
But every report email is enormous huge - on 2020.2.5 it was 5-7 Mb, now on 2020.2.6 it can be 7-10 Mb! This is nonsense!

This 7Mb reports are just tables with node captions and some dates (usually 10-15 rows)

Official position (cases #00714856, #00867645) is:

The increase in size of HTML report is due to the new layout of Orion reports: it grabs the whole HTML page with new styles. Unfortunately, this is by design.

Wow, Solarwinds doesn't see it as a problem. But why? ?
HTML reports is a general standard which is supported by all monitoring software and I don't want to use PDF reports. Are there any workarounds?