Orion 2020.2.6 Upgrade Experience

I just upgraded 12 scalability servers (and a bunch o' modules) and the primary poller in about 2 hours. I was upgrading from orion 2020.2.5. I did lose the web interface update page with SolarWinds after it started. Not sure what happened - suspect a poorly timed network hiccup. I monitored the upgrade via watching task manager locally on the primary until the primary website was available and loaded the upgrade console again. I created a post about display issues with the all nodes tree, and have not noticed any other issues yet.  The new custom properties UI does work, and I noticed warnings about Orion local accounts which matched what I read in the release notes. The CVE's about the user elevation were the primary push for the upgrade. Overall a good experience.

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  • so not sure if this is a fix for you guys or not, but i went to install hotfix 1 and ran into some issues where the Tools for Web need to be removed.

    I removed it and triggered a repair on all solarwinds services and ran the configuration wizard again.

    installed the hotfix 1 without any issues and reinstalled tools for Web.

    after about 48 hours of usage i'm nolonger running into the issue again.

    I was holding off applying this hotfix as the support agent is still assigned but he's been MIA since the 8th of October 2021 and not answering my weekly emails requesting an update.

  • Good luck and I hope this continues to work for you. I am sorry about the tech support rep going MIA. You have probably heard this elsewhere - but you can call back into support and give the ticket number to get a another rep. I have done this on occasion - the original rep was unavailable and the issue was urgent.