SNMP Traps are processed slowly in SolarWinds

Dear All 

We configured our network devices to send traps to the SolarWinds and configure the SolarWinds to filter out selected traps to forwards to the NOC alarms manager.

It is observed that the traps sent from the network devices were slowly processed by SolarWinds, even the filter and forwards were disabled.

We generated around 60 traps at once from the monitoring devices and performed Wireshark capture at the Windows Server.

It is observed all traps are received at once at the Wireshark capture. However, we observed that the traps are slowly processed by SolarWinds, whether they are displayed at the Trap log viewer or received at the NOC manager.

May I known  if there is any optimization that can be applied in order to speed up the SNMP traps processing in SolarWinds ?