RabbitMQ Queues Backing UP by the Millions Since Upgrading to 2020

Since we upgraded to 2020 in December we have a situation where RabbitMQ queues are constantly backed up.  At this point we can't point a finger at any of the many issues we are working but its a little unsettling.  Right now we have 16 million +- backed up.  Currently the biggest culprit is the SwisPubSub and CortexEvents.  We clear subscriptions each week using an automated process so that shouldn't be an issue. I believe its going back to development but it sounds like the answer will be something along the lines of "Its not a problem if you don't notice an issue".

Is anyone else seeing this?  If so, what was the source of the issue?  Were you able to get a resolution?

  • Hello,

    Although we do see  RabbitMQ issues that vary in nature, I am not aware of any issue specific to 2020 versions exactly as you describe.  

    There have been a number of 2020.x.x releases, do you know which version you are running? If you could share any support case number with me for reference that would also help.

    Upgrading may not be the answer here, and you may already be on the latest release however it is worth noting that 2020.2.5 includes a number of fixes related to RabbitMQ


  • Hey Tony.
    Thanks for responding. We were running 2019.4 and upgraded to 2020.2.1HF2 in December. We then upgraded to 2020.2.4 in March. We upgraded to 2020.2.5 a few days after it was released.

    We noticed MSMQ issues with our additional polling engines in mid January. While working this issue (Case # 00718521) the support engineer noticed that we had issues with RabbitMQ. There were actual errors with RabbitMQ that were detected. We were able to eventually resolve the issues with RabbitMQ.

    A few weeks ago we noticed that the RabbitMQ queues were backing up again and opened Case # 00789774. I'm currently waiting to hear what development has to say about it.