Syslogs, Traps, and Message Center broken after 2020.2.5 upgrade

Over the weekend we upgraded our Orion platform from 2020.2.4 to 2020.2.5 everything appeared to come up properly afterwards.  There were no errors during the upgrade.  Everything seemed to have gone smooth.  Monday morning I come in and I'm getting messages from my other Orion users saying they can't access the Syslogs, Traps, or Message Center pages.  The error message indicates the an "Unexpected Website Error - Request Timed out"

I've been working with tech support.  So far we've rerun the configuration wizard, rebuilt the web console, and lastly ran truncate commands on the syslog and traps in the database.  So far this hasn't worked. If I go to individual nodes I can see the syslog and traps for that node.  Likewise I can open the syslog and traps utilities on the main poller and I can see both are being collected. Has anyone else seen this?  Any thoughts on what else to try?

  • Are you using the legacy Syslog & Traps, or are you using Log Viewer (the free version of Log Analyzer)? 

    What is the URL you're going to that produced that error? Please paste it here without the server name/IP. Just need to know what comes after that. E.G. /orion/.....

  • Great question, we're using the legacy Syslog & Traps.  We found the Log Viewer was missing some functionality and didn't want to have to pay for Log Analyzer to get it back.

    The URLs we're going to are /Orion/NetPerfMon/Syslog.aspx and /Orion/NetPerfMon/Traps.aspx

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