What product do I need?

What I would like to have is our network topology (switches, routers, P2P WiFi and AP's) on a map with live data (uplink throughput, error state, utilization) so at a quick glance I can see if/where a bottle neck is and if a switch/link/AP is down. What software does Solarwinds have which will do this? I have looked at NCM We already have Solarwinds and NPM. I have looked at NTM but it's not live data (from what I can see)

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  • You say you have npm, have you looked at the web based mapping they rolled out over the last few versions?   It shows utilization by default but connections turn red and yellow when there are errors on the link. 

  • I use a set of variables in Network Atlas that I love....

    rx ${Inbps}
    tx ${Outbps}

    So on any link that is connected (i.e. you have at least one interface attached) you can use the above two variables. Right click the link and 'add label' and then replace whatever text is there with these variables.

    You'll get something lie this on the map:

    EDIT: forgot to say, this is not "live" data per se but will be based on your polling cycle times. But it gives an idea. The other option is as Marc suggests with Orion Maps.

  • Thanks everyone. I have created the maps and they are looking ok. Wish there was a was to scroll up and down as the zoom is doing my head in. I have 1 problem it has automatically generated the links for me which is great except 1 is wrong. The link between the sites. I have manually created the link but I have no way of removing the one it created. If I delete it, it automatically goes back. 


  • You may need to raise a ticket for this as for whatever reason, SolarWinds is seeing that as a link. It may be a bug or it could be something in the device configs.

    I really haven't used Orion Maps much as it is so far from being a product that is ready for us to use.

  • Scrolling or Panning in the Map Editor is done by using the space bar. Zooming in and out can either be done by the + or - buttons on the canvas or using the control key and your mouse wheel.

    Automated links are generated based on the topology engine. If you access the Node Details page of one of those endpoints, and view the NPM Topology Widget - what does it show? If you believe a connection there is inaccurate, I would recommend opening up a case with NPM to review what topology is sharing. If you have created a manual link, you have the option to create them for one map, or for all "Orion", adding that to the topology tables so to speak. 

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