Upgrade Issues Post 2020.2.5

I'm wondering if anyone else is having issues post 2020.2.5 upgrade from 2020.2.4. Almost immediately after the upgrade completed my domain service accounts used for WMI polling (NPM and SAM) locked and would lock over and over again. I ended up unmanaging almost all of my SAM applications trying to isolate the issue. Using security logs I think I isolated it to a particular APE but, we'll never know because of everything I did to stop the locking. I even went through all my credential settings and reset the passwords to the values I validated as working when the accounts were not locked. Eventually the locking stopped but, with so many things left unmanaged I'm now stuck with re-managing things things one by one and unfortunately it means managing things previously unmanaged for a good reason that I cannot recall. In large part I think my problem with the locking stemmed from the AppInsight for IIS. I have yet to get any of these working again on any host that I know they worked before on. Likewise, I have some PS scripts now intermittently showing in a failed state complaining about unsupported output format. And I have some timing out that I never had a timeout before on performance counters. I am working with support on these issues but, was curious if I am alone in this?