Solarwinds low level discovery for metrics?

Hi thwack!
As a former Zabbix user, where you can set up the lld (low-level-discovery) and forget about adding items manually, I have a question - is there lld option in Solarwinds?
For example, we have several linux nodes and different file systems on each node. And I want to add FS's metrics to SWS dynamically (because each node can have it's own FS's, own mount pointc, etc), is it possible?
Another example - we have a prometheus exporter for BIND and I want to collect only the ones metrics which are match a pattern "bind_query_errors_total{metricname}" where metricname could be anything.

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  • Dynamic Application template assignment is handled through groups. Define a dynamic group based upon whatever parameters you wish, then assign the appropriate application template to the group, rather than the node itself. Any nodes which meet the criteria of the dynamic group will have that application template assigned automatically.