2020.2.5 Modern Dashboard Issues

We've been live on 2020.2.5 for about an hour now. While it seems good, overall, we're now hitting issues with our use of Modern Dashboards.

Issues we're seeing so far:

  • If your column/swql names have a SPACE or SLASH in them you will get some not very helpful failure messages and the data will not populate.
    • I have tons of modern tables with spaces in them and this took a bit to figure out. Now I have to update all of them. Boo...
  • Complex sorting (ORDER BY) seems to be completely non-functional.
    • There is a new [SORTING] option in the main [PRESENTATION] config for the modern tables for simple sorting.
    • You can also click on headers now to dynamically sort. Nice!
    • If you have more complex sorting using multiple fields and/or hidden values like I do you are out of luck. The [ORDER BY] directive seems to be completely ignored.
  • Column widths seem buggy.
    • At least in some of my tables, the column widths seem way way off, as in way wider than before for the same value. This is a smaller issue, but quite annoying nonetheless.
  • The arrows to move columns has been replaced by drag and drop. This is nice, but...
    • The column order seems to revert when you drop the column, BUT if you look at the preview the column did indeed get rearranged. You can save and then edit again to see the columns in the right order in the main editing section. This can get confusing fast.
  • Column names that used to be perfectly valid that collide with SWQL terms will cause your table to simply not work. [Group] and [Where] are 2 that I have used multiple times. I had to change them all. You can make the display name whatever you want, but the SWQL column names cannot be anything like that.
  • Visualization: Add a linear bar chart ... no longer working at all

I'm hoping some fixes will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I have a lot of things to fix - and a lot of things I can't fix yet.

Are there other things breaking that I've not yet run into?

(Edited to consolidate all my little posts into the main post)

  • Things to remember while you try to fix your modern widgets:

    1. If you have to rename all the fields in use by a column, when you save the custom SWQL the column will vanish. You then have to recreate it, which may mean dragging columns around and dealing with the other bugs.
    2. You can approach fixing tables one of 2 ways that I've thought up so far. Both involve editing the widget multiple times...
      1. Rename all but 1 of the fields associated with a table column. Save your swql. Edit the column to replace all the missing values. Save the table widget. Edit the table widget. Rename the last field, update the column again, save the swql and table.
      2. Duplicate the fields with names the 2020.2.5 version likes. Save your swql. Edit your column to use all the new field names. Save the table. Edit the table. Remove all the non-compliance fields. Save the swql and table.

    I'm not done fixing modern dashboards by a long shot, but I can't see straight at this point. The rest will have to wait for tomorrow.

    If you are as deep in the modern dashboards trenches as I am, you might want to wait a bit to see if they decide to address these issues...

  • I've got most all of my fixable on my end issues resolved.

    Remaining issues are all reported as bugs such as:

    Donut charts won't display if widget is small and legend contains more than 3 items. (data shows just no actual chart)

    Widgets where expected result is null error out each time they refresh.

    PerfStack widgets with line chart data that had been working perfectly now show blank only.

    Weirdest part of this patch is getting the NTA configuration database bug again. Despite not having NTA installed now or at any time before on this instance of Orion.

  • Could you share the details of these reports to help run these down?

  • Well for the majority of the issues I've worked around them and fixed without keeping notes but the default legend block you shared SELECT COUNT(1) AS Count_Items, Status
    FROM Orion.Nodes
    GROUP BY Status

    Is the one where if all 6 status are active the pie chart disappears due to size constraints.

  • Thanks, could you help me understand this a little more? I am using the following query to create a pie chart with 6 values

    select Count_Items, Status from 
    select top 1 1 as Count_Items, 1 as Status from orion.nodes
    select top 1 2 as Count_Items, 2 as Status from orion.nodes
    select top 1 3 as Count_Items, 3 as Status from orion.nodes
    select top 1 4 as Count_Items, 4 as Status from orion.nodes
    select top 1 5 as Count_Items, 5 as Status from orion.nodes
    select top 1 6 as Count_Items, 6 as Status from orion.nodes

    Setting the pie chart to the smallest allowable widget size still shows the 6 values with eth legend and title displayed. Are there other steps to reproduce?

  • That seems to resolve the issue nicely. Going back to the original code I used the issue is gone now as well. 

    One hopeful future feature would be the ability to link status legend to a filtered manage nodes page (e.g. click "down" legend item in widget, new page opens to "manage nodes" page with "down" filter preselected). 

    Overall the improvements to modern have been amazing, now seeing them integrate elsewhere in the system would be a godsend.

  • Hi, Might be its not big issue for you but im stuck as I created KPI widget for all nodes status those are up, down or in critical state but when i want to clck on nodes down widget,  it should redirect me to page where I can see which node is down but that widget doesn't redirect me to that page. 

    Also I want to create widget for city wise nodes where I can see how many nodes are in City A or In City B but i don't know how to summarize this in SWQL query? In my solarwinds environment Nodes are not categorically described if it belongs to city A or CIty B. Is there an SWQL query for this as well?

  • Hello, what version are you using?

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