Email list for when Orion Platform updates are available?

Are emails sent out when updates or new versions are available? If so then how can I get on that email list?

  • (I couldn't reply to your comment for some reason . Something is wrong with Thwack were I after hitting reply a text box is not shown.) I'm not seeing that message anymore on my system. Even before we locked down the server the Orion Website is on from accessing the Internet, I don't remember the last time I saw it. 

  • Access the following page on your Orion server. Replace {yourorionserver} with he IP, hostname, or FQDN of your Orion server. Also, ensure that the URL correctly reflects HTTP or https depending on which is used on your Orion server. 


    There you will be able to configure your notification settings, as well as check for new updates. 

  • What about for OFFLINE instances (where Orion can't talk to the Internet to see if updates are available), which I presume many are now.  This is why email notifications of updates and hotfixes would be very valuable.  

  • Because of the recent events, we don't want to have our Orion environment access internet (we never had).

    It would be nice to get software updates via email, or rss-feed like your Security Advisory already has.

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