Issue with viewing an "Orion Map" using the Orion Map Widget/Resource for a map created by another user

Question: See the below screenshot. What am I doing wrong?  Is there a setting or something obvious I'm missing?


A user created an "Orion Map". I added the "Orion map" widget" to a page and selected their map.  I get "Cannot Show map" and "Improper access/view rights or map is empty.".

Well, fine, but I'm the Orion admin(with full admin rights, and literally the admin who patches the system) and I'm unable to view this users map in this widget?  If I click on "view mode" I get redirected and I can view it.  If I add a map I created, it shows up in this web resource just fine. probably only for me though...?

Seems really weird a map can't at least be viewed by anyone but the owner (*using this map widget*), and really weird that an Orion admin cannot view it using this widget.

I have read on the forums that "any admin can make a copy of an existing map to take over permissions on a new map..." but that's no bueno.  What the users team is wanting to do is to try to migrate over all their network atlas maps to Orion maps, and they want to tty to make is "as much the same" as it was before, with the US map, click and get the state map, click and get the town, etc all the way to the device...and possibly all the way to the individual atoms inside the glass of the fiber interconnects themselves.  in short: a lot of maps, all interconnected, that no one is going to want to make copies of just to change some permissions.And I, as the admin, want no part in creating or maintaining their maps for them just so maintain some permissions...

And sure, "but if they do the map and the widget and the view,  THEY can see it"...well,:

1. How can I be sure who can view any of the maps *in this widget on the web UI*.  yes, sharing a link to a URL works but...

2. They want to make nice dashboards, that anyone with Orion access can view/use/see, not just themselves/themself.

Sorry for being pedantic and/or ranting, just wanting to clarify 

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  • Hello What you describe leads me to believe that there is some sort of View Limitation currently set on the dashboard where you have added the map widget. The Orion Map widget will adhere to View and Account Limitations much like other areas within the platform. As the Admin, you can certainly view any map either by using the filter within the Orion Map Management Page here

    Or by using the appropriate toggle on the widget

    As far as who sees the map, once it is in a widget, anyone that can access the dashboard will be able to see the map. Of course limitations can impact what anyone is able to see so you should validate whether that exists in the view itself. 

    One you add that map and the widget to the dashboard, the Owner can continue to make any updates they need and this will of course automatically be reflected without you needing to go to the view/dashboard or widget and make any changes.

    Your user team should have no difficulty creating the nested scenario they are after, however I would be sure that their account as at least Node Management rights as this will be required to ensure the maps themselves have STATUS. This is important when nesting maps to ensure that problems propagate at the lowest granularity all the way to the top level!

    This will make it possible to have simple high-level widgets allowing you to drill down to the root issue. Example like below:

    Please let me know if this works out or you still have issues. 

  • "What you describe leads me to believe that there is some sort of View Limitation currently set on the dashboard where you have added the map widget."


    I can't see it has a view limitation on it, unless there's something else limiting the view.  The "View" (or "Dashboard, as I guess they're being called now) is a "Classic Dashboard" view (per the Orion "Dashboards" UI).  If I look at the View limitations I show "No View Limitation Defined".  The only other thing that makes this view "Different" is that it's been set as a NOC view.  But when I take it out of "NOC Mode" it behaves the same way. 

    Snip of View setup page:

    As a test: I made a new "Classic Map"  View (as the new "Modern dashboard" option doesn't appear to have a Map Widget in it).  I chose "Summary" as the view type, and added the "Orion map" resource.  I chose no "View limitations", and also no "NOC Mode" flag. I then loaded the View, configured the Orion Map resource to show the same map (that another user had created) and then saved it. When the View loaded, for a brief second the Map appeared, then it was replaced with the "Cannot Show map" pic I have in the initial post . List it did some thinking and blocked the map from me.

  • You are correct, from the screenshot it doesn't look like a View Limitation is configured. Can you take a look at your Account settings and verify if an Account Limitation is present?

  • I have "Admin Rights" (well, I guess technically the screenshot below only proves I can see who has admin rights... but I'm literally the Orion admin who normally "sees all and does all" on this system:)  Unless there's some setting inside my account?  Its a Windows individual account ( Not an Orion (non windows)  account, nor an account in an AD group)

    If you can see it, I *should* have rights "enabled" for everything, even though its obviously not showing all the settings available from the main Accounts page view

  • I see that - this is certainly odd. I sent a WebEx meeting over via private message if you have a moment. It might be easier for me to take a look.

  • I hung around on the webex for a bit but shut it down. I might recommend simply trying to create another Admin Account with identical privilege's, and see if you experience the same issue as a test. I have not been able to reproduce this scenario in a variety of labs but as mentioned previously, the error and behavior you describe is usually specific to a limitation.

  • It sounds like from discussing with one of my colleagues here, you were able to work through the issue and the problem was the map generated had no entities on it, simply an image. At this time, maps do require at least one managed entity to be present on the canvas in order to populate the widget. Hope everything is set.

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  • Yeah, I didn't know the map the user made had no entities . It had other objects on  it ( which were just images with links).  I *guess* the permissions check that runs doesn't find any entities to allow/deny permissions for, and the default is 'deny until allowed" so the map, having 0 entities, defaults to "disallow view for everyone" but the creator.