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Migrate SolarWinds Orion products to a new server

Dear Support,

Our old platform is composed by: NPM, 10.7, NTA 4.0.2 and NCM 7.2.2.
For the new platform, we started by the SQL Server installation (SQL-server 2019) and then we installed NPM in another server (Solarwinds-Orion-NPM-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller) when the NPM installation finished and it’s connected to the SQL server, we installed NTA (Solarwinds-Orion-NTA-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller) and NCM (Solarwinds-Orion-NCM-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller).
So we wanna know if you can assist us to migrate old data from:
- NPM 10.7 to Solarwinds-Orion-NPM-2020.2.4
- NTA 4.0.2 to Solarwinds-Orion-NTA -2020.2.4
- NCM 7.2.2 to Solarwinds-Orion- NCM-2020.2.4
And how we can proceed ?


As a solution we need to do this steps:

  - Backup the old database
  -  restore the old one to the new Server

 - Rename the newly created Orion database
 - Perform adjustments step 8 of “Migrate Solarwinds Orion Products to a new server with a new IP or hostname”
 - Run the Configuration Wizard again, pointing to the imported database to upgrade it to the latest Orion version.


PS: the old server still in production.


But we still get some issues when we upgrade the imported database from the old server to the latest Orion version, the Configuration Wizard seems to be hanging without completing.

Maybe we need more assistance from you. Alternatively, we can give you access via TeamViewer or anydesk to connect remotely to my computer.

For more information of the problems, please check the attached files:








Best Regards