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Migrate SolarWinds Orion products to a new server

Dear Support,

Our old platform is composed by: NPM, 10.7, NTA 4.0.2 and NCM 7.2.2.
For the new platform, we started by the SQL Server installation (SQL-server 2019) and then we installed NPM in another server (Solarwinds-Orion-NPM-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller) when the NPM installation finished and it’s connected to the SQL server, we installed NTA (Solarwinds-Orion-NTA-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller) and NCM (Solarwinds-Orion-NCM-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller).
So we wanna know if you can assist us to migrate old data from:
- NPM 10.7 to Solarwinds-Orion-NPM-2020.2.4
- NTA 4.0.2 to Solarwinds-Orion-NTA -2020.2.4
- NCM 7.2.2 to Solarwinds-Orion- NCM-2020.2.4
And how we can proceed ?


As a solution we need to do this steps:

  - Backup the old database
  -  restore the old one to the new Server

 - Rename the newly created Orion database
 - Perform adjustments step 8 of “Migrate Solarwinds Orion Products to a new server with a new IP or hostname”
 - Run the Configuration Wizard again, pointing to the imported database to upgrade it to the latest Orion version.


PS: the old server still in production.


But we still get some issues when we upgrade the imported database from the old server to the latest Orion version, the Configuration Wizard seems to be hanging without completing.

Maybe we need more assistance from you. Alternatively, we can give you access via TeamViewer or anydesk to connect remotely to my computer.

For more information of the problems, please check the attached files:








Best Regards

  • Hello @karem, I would rather suggest you to go with a parallel setup (Install 2020.2.4 on a set of new servers and recreate everything or rather its now a chance to configure SolarWinds the way you think is apt), i do understand that you would need to recreate everything but that would be the best approach in your case. @jm_sysadmin is absolutely correct.

  • Hello,

    as I announced before, Our old platform is composed by: NPM, 10.7, NTA 4.0.2 and NCM 7.2.2 and SQL server 2008, all these products are  in one server.

    PS Important: this old server still in production

    And now, the new platform is composed by two server 

       - server1: he is composed by NPM, NCM et NTA (2020.2.4)

       - server2:how is installed SQL Server 2019

    After Installation in the new patform, we try toupgrade the imported database from the old server to the latest Orion version but the Configuration Wizard seems to be hanging without completing:

    And we create a new database is worked but I need to import my old DB in the new platform

  • There are many differences between the databases when you spread out versions that far apart.   There is unfortunately no easy solution to bring your old data into the new format except to step through and do every intermediate version between the two as directed in the upgrade advisor tool.  Because you are spanning many releases of windows and SQL you would have to build at least a server 2012 and I think a couple sql servers to step through.   All of that is a lot of work, which is why many people are suggesting you just start over from scratch in the new system and export/import whatever you can between the two.  Trying to manipulate that old instance to work in the new one would require a serious commitment even for someone with a master level familiarity in the database.  Starting from 0 completely usually only takes under a week and has less opportunity for weird bugs to make your life difficult. 

  • Then, what is the best solution?

  • As mesverrum has rightfully said the database schema between your existing solution and the new 2020.2.4 would have had multiple changes, I don't think you can import the database and make configuration wizard work.

    You are running on EOL versions NPM 10.7, NTA 4.0.2, NCM 7.2.2

    Ideally way of upgrade would have been from NPM 10.7 -> 11x -> 12.3, NTA 4.0.2 -> 4X -> 4.4, NCM 7.2.2 -> 7X -> 7.8, from here it would have been possible to do what you are trying to achieve. 

    Now since the above can't be achieved, baseline is to install a fresh 2020.2.4 and reconfigure everything (SolarWinds Orion modules) from scratch.

  • then, what is the best solution?

  • The previous advice from Vinay and Mesverrum is correct. 

    You have two choices

    1. Follow the multi step upgrade path, which will allow you to end up with an installation the same as your current production installation - configuraiton settings and historic polling data.

    This will require you to provision a temporary server, as the v10.7 release and 11.x releases did not support Windows 2019 or SQL 2019. Provision a single server with SQL Server 2014 installed, take a copy of your current SQL Server and restore on to this new server. Then install Orion first upgrade version against this temp database. Follow the rest of the upgrade path until 2020.x For this you will then migrate the SQL database on to new SQL 2019 server and install Orion 2020.2.4 on to the new application server.

    This is involved, but gives the result you are seeking

    2. Install a completely fresh installation of Orion

    Reconfigure to the functional level you require. You can use the existing installation to export 'some' features and functions to speed this up.

    Your choice depends on time and resources, but we work with our customers to go with Option one and then implement changes based on the new features and capabilities you will then have available in the new version.


    Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

  • thanks but there is any way how i can pull the olds devices, users, ... from the old plateforme and import them to the new platforme?

  • thanks but there is any way how i can pull the olds devices, users, ... from the old plateforme and import them to the new platforme?

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