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Migrate SolarWinds Orion products to a new server

Dear Support,

Our old platform is composed by: NPM, 10.7, NTA 4.0.2 and NCM 7.2.2.
For the new platform, we started by the SQL Server installation (SQL-server 2019) and then we installed NPM in another server (Solarwinds-Orion-NPM-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller) when the NPM installation finished and it’s connected to the SQL server, we installed NTA (Solarwinds-Orion-NTA-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller) and NCM (Solarwinds-Orion-NCM-2020.2.4-OfflineInstaller).
So we wanna know if you can assist us to migrate old data from:
- NPM 10.7 to Solarwinds-Orion-NPM-2020.2.4
- NTA 4.0.2 to Solarwinds-Orion-NTA -2020.2.4
- NCM 7.2.2 to Solarwinds-Orion- NCM-2020.2.4
And how we can proceed ?


As a solution we need to do this steps:

  - Backup the old database
  -  restore the old one to the new Server

 - Rename the newly created Orion database
 - Perform adjustments step 8 of “Migrate Solarwinds Orion Products to a new server with a new IP or hostname”
 - Run the Configuration Wizard again, pointing to the imported database to upgrade it to the latest Orion version.


PS: the old server still in production.


But we still get some issues when we upgrade the imported database from the old server to the latest Orion version, the Configuration Wizard seems to be hanging without completing.

Maybe we need more assistance from you. Alternatively, we can give you access via TeamViewer or anydesk to connect remotely to my computer.

For more information of the problems, please check the attached files:








Best Regards

  •  First I want to make sure you know that this isn't support, this is the community replying in this forum. If you want the official word on what to do, definitely open a case at 

    I suspect that they are pretty busy right now with all the upgrades happening, so I am happy to share my thoughts. I think that you have an old server with old versions, and you installed a new server with the latest versions. I would not try to update the old DB, I would start with new empty database for a clean install (which I hope fixes the error in the last image)

    I would have done the same thing had I walked in to assist. 
    I ran your versions through the upgrade advisor. and the path to use the information in the old database took a bunch of upgrades to get the DB useable on the new install. I doubt that I would try it. 

    So lets talk about what is in the current install that you want to maintain. How many devices? Do you still have the ability to rediscover them in the new server? If you have the SNMP or WMI, or whatever you currently have, its likely easiest just to export the IPs in a report and rediscover them. If you are using SNMP v3 or WMI you aren't tied to that old IP, but almost everybody has at least a few things on SNMP v2, those you need to reconfigure for the new IP or take the old servers IP and put it on the new. 

    The NTA ports can now automatically get used if you discover the interfaces with NPM, you likely won't have a bunch of work there. You will need to send the flow data to the new server (NCM should make that not so bad if its a lot of devices) or re-use that IP from the old server. 

    NCM you can export some stuff (reports or templates: ) to bring into the new system, but I would just rerun the backups and inventories. Maybe archive the old back ups to a network share if you aren't confident about losing it? 

    I am sure you have some specific concerns, let me know what you are focused on, and "how much stuff" we are talking about. Scripting data via the API might be possible, but I don't have the older version to even see what can be pulled in, just the newer stuff to pull data in. 

  • Hello Jm_sysadmin,

    as I announced before, Our old platform is composed by: NPM, 10.7, NTA 4.0.2 and NCM 7.2.2 and SQL server 2008, all these products are  in one server.

    PS Important: this old server still in production

    And now, the new platform is composed by two server 

       - server1: he is composed by NPM, NCM et NTA (2020.2.4)

       - server2:how is installed SQL Server 2019

    After Installation in the new patform, we try toupgrade the imported database from the old server to the latest Orion version but the Configuration Wizard seems to be hanging without completing:

    And we create a new database is worked but I need to import my old DB in the new platform

  • When we create a new database is worked but I need to import my old DB in the new platform

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