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Hello All,

I've just created a new SAML Group login and i'm using the fully distinguished name from AD. I'm only doing this because when I used the CN name it would not let me login to Solarwinds with the SAML group name. Weirdly when I use the fully distinguished name it crashes Solarwinds telling me it cannot use commas, but as you can see below its created the group but with no editable permissions. So I can login read only to Solarwinds.

I think i've found a bug! emoticons_happy.png


Here is the group (below) that is created despite the obvious error above. When I try to edit the permissions it comes up with the above error again.


Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Hello folks!
    This "bug" is still alive... Maybe not a bug, but clearly SolarWinds does not expect the full CN name in groups configured in the web interface.

    Our project is being affected by this. We're using a proprietary SAML application that we can not change or modify in any aspect. All groups a person belongs to are sent in full CN name and there is no way to add them in SW interface.

    I opened a case with support. Lets see what they can tell about it. I will post the results here as soon as I have them.

  • Can you share the support case number with me?

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