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Help with SWQL for muted alerts report

We are currently using the below SWQL to generate a daily report to notify us of muted nodes.  I believe that the SWQL was taken directly from the Thwack forum years ago.

Are there any SWQL experts that can help us with the query?  We want to tweak the query so that it only returns muted alerts that were muted in the past, and does not show any scheduled muted alerts in the future. 


n.caption as [Device], n.DetailsURL as [_LinkFor_Device]

,'/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Device]

,n.IP_Address as [IP], n.DetailsURL as [_LinkFor_IP]

, Alerts.SuppressFrom as [Mute from], Alerts.SuppressUntil as [Mute Until]

from Orion.AlertSuppression AlertS

join Orion.nodes n on n.uri = AlertS.EntityURI