SQL Query Alert Condition in SolarWinds

Hi all,

I am relatively new to SolarWinds and to SQL and I am trying to trigger alerts on specific conditions related with several specific OIDs values that I use to populate a Custom Table.

All the data I need are in that Custom Table but in different rows meaning I can't use a query that compares column values because all the relevant values I want to compare are in different rows so when I use a normal SQL query I end up filtering part of the data I need.

But to picture this a little bit better let me give you a specific example. Let's say I have the following table:

Column1 Column2 Column3
1 2 3
2 2 2

So a possible query would be if value of Column1 = 1 and value of column2 = 2 and value of column3 = 3 then trigger an alert. In this example that would be pretty easy and straight forward.

But in this case:

Column1 Column2
Row1 1 A
Row2 1 B
Row3 1 C

If I want to trigger an alert using Column1 has an index and comparing the values of the rows I won't be able to trigger the alarm. I would have to create custom independent tables and compare the values. I can create a query that evaluates if Column1 = 1 and Column2 = A for example, and trigger an alert based on those two columns, but I can't trigger a condition based on different values of Column2 for the same value of Column1. Example: (Column1 = 1 AND Column2 = A) AND (Column1 = 1 AND Column2 = B).

In the Database Manager Tool I can create a few different tables based on the data of the Custom Table which I can then compare to get to the result I want, but in SolarWinds Alert Manager, with SQL conditions I can't do this.

My apologies if this sounds confusing but I have been around in circles and can't get to a solution. is there anything I can use to overcame this problem?

Kind Regards