Alert relationship and suppression during maintenance


i am relatively new to Solarwinds, especially in a large-scale deployment like the one I am dealing with. I want to understand how effective the maintenance feature is in surprising alerts in connected devices. we recently had an event where a storage array was being worked on and since it was connected to multiple switches, they all lighted up like a Christmas tree. when I researched i noticed that the array was in Orion SRM but it was not being managed as a node and its interfaces were not being mapped in the topology.

If I correct the setting and ensure that its interfaces are being monitored and I can see them as part of the topology mapping, and then set the device to maintenance, will that prevent the alerts from triggering in its connected devices? say is connected to switch A, will that prevent switch A from triggering an alert for the connected interface or will I need to create manual dependencies?  

I appreciate the feedback.