How can I create the alert for PostgreSQL. I using the template for monitoring this data base


I apply the template for monitoring PostgreSQL, but I cant generate the alert, didn´t  show me the nodes whit warnings.

Thanks in advance

  • "AppInsight for SQL" is only for Microsoft SQL Services.  If you want to see an alert for PostgreSQL, then you'd need to either create one from scratch or enable the "Alert me when a component/application" out of the box alerts.

  • HI Sigma, thanks for your answer.

    Can you have an example whit this topic? or documentation related?

    Let me know your comments.

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  • From your picture above, you are already monitoring PostgreSQL, so step 1 is done.

    For the alert logic it depends on exactly what you want to do.  The simplest case is an email when the status of that "Application" is not "Up."  (From the picture, you have one that's critical, one that's warning, and one that's up).

    There's an Out of the Box alert already for this called "Alert me when an application does into a warning or critical state" (screenshot here)

    You should just have to enable that alert.

    In real life I wouldn't use the Out of the Box alert, I would create my own that's more precise (definition: Application Name is 'PostgreSQL" and Status is "Warning" or "Critical").  That way I could customize the alert actions for that specific scenario better. (maybe inform a different team or restart a service, reboot the computer, maybe run a script, etc.)

    If you still need help, then I would encourage you to sign up for a SolarWinds Academy class (Under Resources, Support, Training & Certification).  That's the best place to learn the basics of the product suite.

  • HI KM, thanks a lot for your help.

    I could solve this topic.

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