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Baseline value above 100%

Hi Team,

I need to set alert, when cpu is critical and above 90; but critical data is showing at 119%

Why it is above 100% and how we can use it.

Thank you

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  • You can't use the ${USE_BASELINE_WARNING} or ${USE_BASELINE_CRITICAL} macros.  You'd have to statically define those (say as 85% and 90%).

    I think you might be confusing what this change does.  It says that "For this specific node, I want it to be considered 'critical' when it's over 90%."  Ergo, what is considered critical is defined by this setting.

    I try to never use a single polling entry to define warning or critical.  I much prefer the last X of Y option (say 3 of 5 polls) because a CPU can easily spike to over 90% for a very brief moment, but it's only really a 'problem' if it's happened over some time frame.