Restarting a Service

I am struggling to get the restart a service alert to work, I have configured my own alert so that as well as restarting the SNMP service it sends me an email to say it is attempting to restart the service. I get the email but the service isn't restarted, any help would be appreciated.



I have even tried running this from a command prompt on the Orion server but still the service wasn't restarted, any ideas.

  • I ran into a similiar issue.  I ended up creating my own vbscript that logged the error codes etc to try and trace it down. The net result was the alert service on my orion server runs the script as the general system user to restart the service.

    Unlike the monitor where you can define what user does the action... the alert uses the defaut user on the server. Which in my case did not have appropriate authority to do its work.

    The fix was to run the "alert" service as a different user.   Negatives with this is when you upgrade... or make changes... you need to remember to make the service change.    The other option, which would not work for us would be to allow the generic system user the rights on remote systems.

  • I was given to believe the service would be restarted using the Credentials selected in the APM which is monitoring the service.

    I am not sure what is the general system user as you refer to it for my Orion Server, the application would of been installed using the local administrator account.

    I think I will raise this as a ticket with Solarwinds as it would appear it isn't working as it should.

    Thanks anyway.

  • I think your might be right.  I forgot that the service restart action is different in that its a custom Orion executable... my issue was with the "vbscript" action.