Advanced Alert Custom SQL Variable For Alerted On Object

In my advanced alert, I am trying to build a custom SQL variable that returns data for the specific object I'm alerting on but every time I get the alert, it returns the first value that would show if I ran the Select statement against the database.  It is not refining it to the alerted on object.  Can I use variables in the Select statement or how do I refine the results of the Advanced Alert Custom SQL variable to only the object that is being alerted on and not just execute the Select statement?


Jason Henson
Loop1 Systems

  • To be clear, are you trying to create a Custom SQL Alert for the trigger condition or one to be included in an e-mail alert?

  • I love digging up old threads. Anyway, I am replying here because I had the same question as the OP. I found what I needed by combining what I learned from several other threads that are similar.

    This was my original query that was based on the example in the Solarwinds online help.

    ${SQL:Select MachineType From Nodes}

    You can see why it didn't pull the right info...because there is no filtering (WHERE x=x statement).

    This is the format that works:

    ${SQL:Select MachineType From Nodes WHERE Caption='${NodeName}'}

    The tricky part here really was just knowing to put quotes around the inner variable ${NodeName}.