How can I ignore Idle (Admin) BGP neighbors in Alerts?

Problem: Until I find time to go through all my gear and delete unused peering sessions,  I'd like to make Solarwinds ignore BGP neighbors with the following state: Idle (Admin)

You'll see this if you do a sh ip bgp sum and you have an admin down BGP peer.

Currently I only have the first gray child condition, Routing Neighbors Protocol Orion Status is equal to Down.  The 3 gray child conditions listed under the AND statement are ones that I was considering tinkering with if it will accomplish the task.

I was thinking that all I need to do is tell the Alerts to IGNORE Idle (Admin) bgp states this would solve my problem for now.  It doesn't look like there is a way to do this.  Can anyone give a suggestion (besides delete the bgp peers bc yeah yeah it's on my list)?


Here are some other options to choose from: