Is There a way to email alerts but not have them visible on the web console?

Is There a way to email alerts but not have them visible on the web console?

We currently email EIGRP alerts to the operations team for visibility but do not want the NOC to worry about them or see them.

We currently have the alert to auto reset in 10 seconds but would rather it not appear at all on the console.


  • We had a similar issue. Not sure this will meet your needs but figured I would pass along. I have a NOC Dashboard I built with multiple Iframes. By setting custom properties for things like CompanyRole and then having various options to select like Production Yes Escalation or Production No Escalation we are able to use the Network Node Down Iframe and then filter with the below sql

    Status = 2 AND CompanyRole Like '*Yes Escalation'

    This allows us to continue monitoring network devices while only seeing devices with a status of 2 (down) and that have a custom property in the CompanyRole area that contains anything plus "yes escalation". In this case we monitor dev and stage devices, which will alarm on the actual Network view, have email alerts and all that jazz, but don't show up on the NOC's dashboard so they are not spending time chasing alarms that don't require action.  The cool thing about using this type of filter on Iframes is you can really customize your dashboard to only show alarms you want the team to act on while still giving the engineers the ability to collect stats on any node or application monitor in Orion.

    If you are working from the alerts view you could change the severity to a different level so the email alerts trigger but filter them from the alerts view by only showing alerts with a severity of whatever you want to see.. Below is a screen shot of our NOC Dashboard. Note there is only one active alarm right now, on the apps view our dev team uses there are easily 30 alarms but none of which need NOC action. Ping me if you have questions or I can help in any way.

    NOC Dash.jpg

  • Thanks for the response.

    This could work nicely.

    Thank You

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